Saagar Enjeti: Biden’s new campaign strategy could backfire | TheHill – The Hill

Opinion by: Saagar Enjeti

Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenCan we trust polls in 2020? Krystal Ball touts Sanders odds in Texas North Carolina race raises 2020 red flags for Republicans, Democrats MORE’s team is leaking his debate strategy 72 hours before the event even kicks off and it is something of a doozy. He plans on attacking Elizabeth warren for her past work as a corporate lawyer and will call for all candidates according to Bloomberg to “be transparent about their finances and any business dealings in their past.”

Now you can say many things about Elizabeth warren’s past, her false identification as a native American for years, her many years of accepting corporate money–until she isn’t, but maybe still will, her endorsements of Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonTrump rages over ‘phony’ poll GOP seeks helping hand from Trump in 2019 governor races Republican pulls off critical win in North Carolina MORE in 2016. But usually when you criticize somebody for these types of things its important to have your own house in order.

Let’s start with his own finances. The famously frugal man of the people made 15 million dollars in the two years after he left the White House from speeches, book contracts, and other non-productive enterprises only available to former high government officials.

Then we go to his troubled son hunter Biden whose business dealings in Ukraine and China have come under intense scrutiny in recent months. Hunter Biden was being paid millions of dollars by a Ukrainian energy company that just happened to be under investigation by Ukraine’s government for corruption. The head of that corruption investigation was fired after intense pressure from Vice President Joe Biden while he was serving as the point person for the administration on Ukraine.

Biden and his Obamaallies promise us that there were no ulterior motives. I remember hearing a lot of similar talk from the Clinton foundation folks in 2016. It gets worse however, hunter accompanied his father on a 2013 trip to Beijing catching himself a sweet ride on air force 2. Days later his private equity firm inked a 1 billion, yes billion, dollar deal with the Chinese government despite having literally no expertise in the subject whatsoever.

Politico also recently revealed that Biden’s brother was peddling his influence to business executives in 2017 promising to help them land business and incorporate models into his health care plan if they did a deal with him.

It’s the same type of behavior that bill and Hillary Clinton engaged in the Clinton Foundation it’s the same thing that the Obamas are doing with their production company, and its hysterical that a man who both himself and his family have so nakedly marketed his former service is going to call for economic transparency.

I say, go for it sir but you may not like what comes of it.