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Unfaithful telling

Movie | Played for laughs, The Informant! leaves out the redemptive side of Mark Whitacre’s life story
by Megan Basham
Posted 9/18/09, 12:47 pm

Funny as Steven Soderbergh’s new comedy The Informant! (rated R for language) is, it could have succeeded equally well as a drama. All the elements are there-corruption, cover-ups, espionage-that made films like The Insider and Michael Clayton favorites among critics. But by giving what might have been just another corporate whistleblower tale an ironic tone, Soderbergh creates something that is often more thoughtful and far more entertaining.

Death of a good story

Movie | Corny lines, ham acting mar One Night with the King
by Priya Abraham
Posted 10/28/06, 12:00 am

Since One Night with the King (rated PG for violence, some sensuality, and thematic elements) feels more like an entire Persian dynasty, it’s worth noting the film’s good points.

The film retells the Old Testament story of Esther and lushly recreates the ancient Persian capital Susa. The plot largely follows the biblical story, and characters show belief in God’s sovereignty as they pray and recite Scripture.