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KING Shaka International Airport hosted an anti-corruption awareness engagement in commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day on Monday, 9 December.

The awareness day recognises the United Nations’ Convention against corruption which was signed in Mexico in 2003. The event was attended by the airport’s management, staff and stakeholders.

The event, hosted under the theme Integrity Rules, aimed to provide airport stakeholders such as, South African Police Services, South African Revenue Services, Immigration, Department of Correctional Services, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Customs with a platform to inform and educated the airport community on what constitutes fraud, corruption and other economic crimes in the airport environment.

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King Shaka Senior Manager Corporate Affairs, Colin Naidoo said integrity is a value that is prized in the industry.

“We promote a culture of being honest and having strong moral principles which ties in with anti-corruption, which sets out to eradicate dishonest or fraudulent conduct. Our environment, by virtue of being a point of entry and exit into the region or country, is always targeted for criminal activity and as a result, we continuously raise awareness and educate our airport community on being vigilant of their surroundings. King Shaka International Airport is committed to encouraging and strengthening measures to curb the fight against corruption by working together with all stakeholders,” he said. 

Sindisiwe Cele, director for anti-fraud and corruption at the office of the premier said: “The provincial government has vowed to deal with individuals who contributed to the irregular expenditure that has been increasing over the years. The premier has called for the lifestyle audits to be conducted on public servants. Provincial government will be working with civil society and the private sector to ensure robust programmes are undertaken in preventing fraud.”

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“Efforts and commitment to a collective action agenda with all stakeholders will provide meaningful benefits in tackling corruption in the value chain and ensure that the aviation and travel industries remain competitive and inclusive and continue to grow worldwide,” added Naidoo.

King Shaka International Airport urged the public to report any suspicions of corruption to the airports company hotline toll free on 0800 00 80 80 or email: [email protected]

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